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Twitter is killing TweetDeck for Mac as it plans to pay for the web app


TweetDeck is a solid tool for Pro Twitter users, especially those working in journalism. Thanks to this, you can organize several side-by-side views to stay up to date with all the topics of interest. Regular users are not really need app, and most of them are probably unaware of its existence. However, the app means a lot to many of its active users. After all, it makes our (digital) life much easier compared to the regular use of Twitter during urgent events. Today we bring bad news to TweetDeck fans. The company will remove the macOS app on July 1, exactly one month from now.

Twitter announced via its TweetDeck account that it is killing the Mac app next month. The company mentions that those interested in using the service should upgrade to the web version. Now that doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Wait for the twist.

Twitter is working on a new version of TweetDeck with a limited number of users – TweetDeck Preview. The company will likely retire the legacy web version after releasing the revised preview version to the general public. Many original TweetDeck fans do not like the new Preview version, indicating that its user interface is not as good. Unfortunately, we have not yet reached the real bad news.

According to a tweet from Jane Wang dating back to March, Twitter might be working under the hood to pay for the web version of TweetDeck. If the company did make the decision to bundle it with Twitter Blue, TweetDeck web users might be forced to drop the feature entirely or start paying for it. I personally believe that the paywall will go live once the Preview version is launched for all users. That’s because it’s still a beta product right now and Twitter needs to perfect it before it sells.

Would you pay for Twitter Blue to access TweetDeck on the web? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments section below.