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Top 10 web development trends in 2021



Due to the pandemic, thousands of businesses have logged on to avoid shutdown and stay competitive in the market. MobiDev’s web development team has taken into account the latest trends and technological innovations that allow you to shorten development times, increase performance and security:

Trend 1. Focus on optimal infrastructure

When it comes to speed of development, a cloud platform is one of the best options – even if it comes with a huge expense. Two main types of infrastructure services – Backend as a Service (BaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) – are available today. The attitude of developers towards BaaS and PaaS and the choice between them differ.

Trend 2. JAMstack as an alternative to monolithic architecture tools

By applying JAMstack, developers do not care about the logic of the main server, focusing on the presentation layer. Most of the functionality is retained on the client side, and other features that require heavy work are done through third-party APIs. This trend offers solid prospects for web and application development, combining the best tools and technologies, such as React, Webpack, React-router, GraphQL, in one solution.

Trend 3. Intensive use of static site generators

The application of SSG is an increasingly popular trend to develop a new class of web applications. Static site generators make it possible to get the page viewed ahead of time and serve it ahead of time – no need to wait for the page to be requested and generated. This applies to any view of the website at the time of construction.

Trend 4. Switch to Headless CMS

Today developers find headless CMS to be the right solution, so we can see the growing popularity of Jamstack based Ghost, Strapi and Netlify headless CMS.

“According to Market research and study, the headless CMS software market is expected to reach $ 1,628.6 million by 2027; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 22.6% from 2020 to 2027. ”

Trend 5. Unite serverless and microservices

Back-end development trends have shifted from monolith to microservices over the past couple of years. Anton Logvinenko, PHP team leader at MobiDev comments: “By enforcing serverless microservices, businesses break out of vendor lockdown and can choose Lambda Serverless, Google Cloud Functions, or Microsoft Azure Functions based on the project.

Trend 6. Access the custom API

GraphQL is used to provide descriptions of the data in the API. It could be seen as an alternative to the REST-based architecture. Unlike REST, GraphQL is a suitable tool for requesting specific data.

Trend 7. Adjustment of the web development roadmap

Guidance is a code that is kept under version control. Therefore, compared to any simple document, it is clearer and easier to maintain. In web development, the application of design systems has become an optimal approach for cooperation between teams and management, which allows for better concentration.

Trend 8. Facilitate complex solutions

It is possible to use ML tools offered by cloud providers. These tools are advantageous but expensive – vendors charge a fee for operating tax. And any new tool in the architecture increases the total costs. Part of the need for complex tools can be avoided and teams should take this into account.

Trend 9. Look carefully for new opportunities

Low-code or no-code platforms are already in the public eye. Another advantageous method is to import cards for the front microphones. Importing cards for micro interfaces allows precise separation of concerns. These days, import maps are handled by Chrome. Either way, the SystemJS polyfill allows for wider use.

Trend 10. Exploit business tools

With the addition of Sentry in the CD pipeline, debugging becomes more convenient and efficient because it is easier to know which software errors are related. MLflow is universal for management and tracking tasks and supports UI and API based templates. CI servers and development tools are in high demand. Additionally, developers should determine if a project is large enough to apply an independent pipeline tool.

We have outlined the most important web application development trends that should be considered by the CTO when defining the development strategy.
More detailed information on web development trends can be found here on MobiDev blog.

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