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The Flappy Bird Craze Continues – Now Appearing as HTML5 Web Games – TechCrunch


The proliferation of Flappy Bird clones following the abrupt departure of the game from iTunes has reached an all-time high. The Apple App Store and Google Play – even the Pebble Appstore – are now filled with clones of the game. Phones with the original game still installed are apparently listed on eBay for $ 99,999.

There are now 81 Flappy clone developers (hello, “Flappy Penguin”, “Ironpants”, “Clumsy Bird”, “Flappy Bee”, etc.) and the list goes on.

The app’s success appears to have plunged Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen into a depression, and he now yearns for his old one. “simple life”.

It released the simple yet addicting game from the App Store and Google Play on Sunday.

However, now there is a way to play the game without even having to download it to a phone.

Free Flappy Bird is playable directly from a mobile browser or on a desktop computer. It appeared on a site listing other simple games.

Unlike many clones, the game also looks exactly like the original, according to Nguyen’s response on Twitter last week, saying that anyone could create an HTML version of their game, right before the Flappy craze. does not explode:

No doubt other web versions will follow, but for now, the Flappy Bird craze is far from slowing down.

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