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The 10 Best Free Web Games | The independent


1. Planet 2

An epic sci-fi shoot ’em up with a Halo-like aesthetic. The massively multiplayer game takes you through a dystopian landscape as you fight for territory.


2. Mr. Smoozles Goes Nutso

Based on the online comic Mr Smoozles, this is the first indie game released by award-winning writer and developer Steve Ince. It was originally a paid game, but Ince decided to release it for free in 2011.


3. Thin

Terrifying stuff. It’s one of those games that is so eerily silent that you would jump if someone walked into the room while you were playing it. The nifty indie horror game is all about wandering through a forest collecting pages armed only with a flashlight, while avoiding the “Slender Man” perpetually chasing you through the fog.


4. Wonderputt

There are a ton of mind-numbing golf games out there on the web, but none quite as good-looking as this one. It is colorful, clean and creative. You should play it to appreciate the graphic design as much as the game itself.


5. Bumperball

Available online as well as for iPad, this is a fun arcade sports game that combines bumper cars and soccer. Maybe one for the retro gaming geeks out there.


6. Yeti Sports

The super addictive Yeti sports collection is a real Olympiad of online mini-games, which can also be downloaded as apps. Highlights include the albatross overload and the Scrat jump. Almost all of them involve throwing a penguin as far as you can.


7. Numpty physics

If only learning science in school could have been this fun. Use crayons to solve puzzles on a sheet of paper and experiment with your drawings that come to life according to the rules of physics.


8. Afternoon adrift

One of the many quiet online games from designer Ferry Halim. In it, you are a happy cat leaping across a field with pastel colored bubbles floating above it. All you have to do is jump on the bubbles. It’s as pleasant as it is relaxing, five minutes of recess is like therapy.


9. Flow

Hypnotically immersive, this simple yet multi-award winning game is the result of a student’s academic thesis on game design.

interactive.usc. edu / projects / cloud / flowing

10. Rebuild 2

Put down that baseball bat, it’s not your usual zombie slaughter arcade game. Instead, this strategy game takes place on the heels and you must survive with the resources you have, explore new buildings to protect your people, and dodge further attacks from the dreaded Flesh Eaters. It’s for thinkers, not shooters.