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MedCAD launches personalized case tracking web application


DALLAS, Sept. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Increase folder visibility and control

In time for the official launch of AccuPlate and to meet the growing demand for personalized surgical solutions, MedCAD is upgrading its customer support with MyMedCAD – a personalized case tracking web application designed to provide customers with increased visibility and control. on the personalization process of medical devices. .

“MedCAD simplifies the customization of medical devices – which is impressive for such a complex behind-the-scenes process,” says Nancy Hairston, President and CEO, “Over the past few years, we have developed and refined our management solution internal case to work with a variety of products, services, manufacturing technologies and geographic locations. The obvious next step was to unleash that power for our customers.”

What is MyMedCAD?

MyMedCAD is a mobile case tracking solution based on MedCAD’s proprietary end-to-end case management software.

“Overall, our customers needed a quick and easy way to view their case information on the go,” says Parker Smith, MyMedCAD Program Manager, “and MyMedCAD Case Tracking is the next step. ideal for our scalable software solutions”.

In terms of functionality, MyMedCAD provides real-time case statuses for all of a client’s cases, automatically sorted by relevance. Contextual links allow users to initiate a planning session, track a shipment, or initiate a service request, with advanced filtering and search capabilities. Cross-platform responsive design enables optimized experiences on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

Launch MyMedCAD

“We do everything we can to help sales reps and surgeons do their best work,” says Charlie Ritchie, Design Services Manager, “so we’re excited to extend our powerful case management system to customers. with MyMedCAD.”

To register, customers simply submit a service request for their next case to receive an activation code. Registration and use is free and open to all MedCAD customers and partners.

About MedCAD

MedCAD is privately held in Dallas, TX. Founded in 2007, MedCAD is an agile innovator in the patient-friendly medical device industry, offering cranial implants, patient-friendly plates, surgical planning, and 3D modeling products and services. MedCAD is known for its high-quality products, spectacular customer service, and concierge-style case management.