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Logging into the FUT 22 web app



One of its best features is the companion app and connection to the FUT 22 for – FIFA 22 web app. It allows you to trade and manage your team outside of the game. To create anticipation, both are available before the game launches on October 1st. You have the choice of using it on a desktop or mobile device. Read on as we give details on how to login to the FUT 22 web app – the FIFA 22 companion app.

Logging into the FUT 22 Web App – FIFA 22 Companion App

How to log into the FIFA 22 web app

The web app launched last night and is now available for download. At the time of writing, EA Sports has stated that its companion app is expected to be released anytime now. There are a few conditions that allow you to quickly access the web application.

First of all, you must have had a club in FIFA 21. You must have it logged in before August 1, 2021. Only then will you have access to the FIFA 22 web application and the application associated with the launch.

Your club must also always exist. If you’ve deleted your FUT 21 team, you can’t access it. The platform is also pretty strong on who they allow access to. If you’ve broken the rules before, they may not allow you to enter.

Log in using your assigned FUT 22 club email address or FUT 21 return status. Enable Login Verification to ensure your account is secure. Make sure you know the answer to your security question.

Neither the FIFA 22 web app nor the FIFA 22 Companion App will work if you are simultaneously logged into a console or PC. When you log out of the game on these, be sure to turn off the system by returning to the main FIFA menu. Otherwise, you may have to wait to log into the app.

How to get the FIFA 22 Companion app

The web application is intended for use in browsers and on desktop computers. For mobile use, you need the companion app. This gives you many of the same functionality from your portable device. The companion app is expected to be released today (Thursday, September 23).



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