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Instagram to introduce ‘scheduled posts’ and a new web design

Owned by meta instagram announced that it will launch a new ‘Schedule messages‘ and a new website design for a better user experience.

Adam MosseriInstagram manager, made the announcement on his Twitter account by posting a video, explaining the new feature and the update.

‘Schedule Posts’ will allow creators to schedule their posts for the next 75 days.

The new feature will soon be available for creators.

The second announcement made by Mosseri was the redesigned website.

“We know a lot of people use the web to multi-task and we wanted to make sure Instagram was as enjoyable an online experience as possible,” Mosseri said.

“So it’s cleaner, faster, easier to use, and it’s now designed to take advantage of large-screen monitors,” he added.

Previously, the social media platform rolled out new features to protect users from abuse, as well as wordsearch updates.

If you block someone, you have the option to block additional accounts they might have to make it harder for them to reconnect with you, the company said.

‘Hidden Words’ is an effective tool to automatically remove harmful content from message requests and comments.


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