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Fans React As EA Sports Make Advanced SBCs Untradeable In FIFA 23


The web app for FIFA 23 was released last night, officially kicking off FIFA’s annual game cycle. Excitement was at its peak as fans were eager to log in and begin their adventure in FIFA 23. However, the release turned out to be rather disappointing as some of the changes EA Sports implemented impacted negative on the overall experience of the game.

Squad Building Challenges, also known as SBCs, are an essential part of FIFA Ultimate Team. SBCs can be used to unlock special builds of players or get packs in FUT. Advanced SBCs are complex and difficult challenges that provide players with expensive packs, making them popular with players in the early stages of the game.

However, with the new chemistry system in FUT, many find it difficult to complete these advanced SBCs. Additionally, the rewards from these SBCs are now untradable, making it impossible to take advantage of the challenges. It caused a stir on social media and most fans are unhappy with the changes.

Fans take to Twitter to discuss disappointing FIFA 23 web app release

The FIFA 23 web application was made available around 19:00 GST, and the servers handled the traffic much better than in previous years. However, the changes made by EA Sports in the FIFA 23 SBCs caught many fans off guard.

A fan took to Twitter to wonder if the whole web app experience would be redundant now that players can no longer enjoy and earn coins from advanced SBCs.

Advanced SBCs are not tradable… This kills the hype of web apps IMO https://t.co/7RwfPscu4Q

Another disgruntled player argued that the web app was “an L” due to the new chemistry system making SBCs harder and rewards untradeable.

Untradeable advanced SBCs New chemistry system, proved difficult to even do starter SBCS for some Is the web app an L?

Untradeable rewards weren’t the only problem with SBCs, as fans discovered that the requirements for some challenges were mathematically impossible to meet, making these SBCs even more unattractive.

The community has also noticed that the transfer list size has been reduced from 100 to 30 on the web app. The majority of the playerbase will be using the web app to trade and earn coins before the full game is released, which severely limits their ability to make the most of their time on the app.

You can only have a maximum of 30 items on your transfer list on the web app + advanced SBCs are not tradable. That’s a huge L 🫤#FIFA23

Untradeable rewards have also hampered players’ ability to earn coins, as they can no longer sell the contents of packs they receive from completing SBCs. This severely affects an individual player’s purchasing power, and very few players will have the coins to buy expensive players. As a result, player prices have dropped, even meta players are selling at low prices.

Traders on Twitter followed these overpowered cards in the market, notifying their followers whenever a sale was available. Cards that usually sell for millions of coins, like Kylian Mbappe, were bought for less than 200,000, much to the surprise of the community.

Elite tier icons suffered similarly, as even the best icon cards in the game were purchased for a fraction of the price one would expect to pay.

Obviously some dudes already have the full game… 92 Puskas for less than 200,000… Some dudes already have 4 million in transfer profits #FIFA23 and just buy every good card for very cheap. Nice fair play for everyone EA… https://t.co/YB1LzdPtQG

With five more days of web app experience before the start of FIFA 23 Early Access, fans are hoping EA Sports will fix some of these issues to make the game more beginner-friendly.

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