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Dark mode is coming to Microsoft Word’s web app


The Microsoft Word web application will have a darker feature.

The roadmap entry published by Microsoft indicates that users using the web app will now be able to take advantage of the darker feature.

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A photo taken on May 23, 2022 shows Microsoft’s logo during the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

“Word for the web’s dark mode will give documents a modern look while allowing users to reduce eye strain and adjust to light sensitivity for long hours in front of a computer screen,” said Microsoft.

The roadmap didn’t detail anything on how users can implement the feature, however. However, details will resurface soon once the feature is officially accessible on the web app.

Although the feature is still in development, its general availability is in May 2022. This could mean two things: the rollout of the feature is imminent or the release time is a bit longer than they announced.

Microsoft has long since started working on dark mode support for its Office Suite apps. And so far, the tech giant has rolled out the feature to popular Office apps across multiple platforms.

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Is dark mode really good for your eyes?

The decision to introduce dark mode functionality into the app (and other apps) is to help eliminate eye strain. However, there’s been a lot of speculation about dark mode – is it really good for the eyes?

Truth be told, one of the main reasons dark mode is so popular these days is mainly because of its aesthetics. Many users really think dark mode is so much better than light mode.

In fact, Spotify chose a dark background as the standard mode after testing different designs on its users. “We think when you have very colorful, very artistic music or art, and you have beautiful covers for the music, it really shows more clearly in a product like this, when it’s is about entertainment,” said Michelle Kadir, Director of Product Development at Spotify.

Beyond styling, the widespread rollout or dark mode has also sparked dubious claims about its proposed benefits, namely that it helps with eye strain, concentration, and battery life.

A 2018 study on digital eye strain (DES) showed that its prevalence could reach 50% or more among computer users. However, Anne Cox, professor of human-computer interaction at UCL, said: “I don’t know of any strong evidence that white text on a black background reduces eye strain.”

Yet, for many experts, the best solution to solving eye strain is to take time away from computers and devices for a meaningful period of time. This means limiting screen time or using the 20-20-20 rule where every 20 minutes you look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

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