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Boost your digital business with this no-code web app platform


You can build amazing web applications for your clients with this no-code platform. Grab it while it’s available at a great price.


Technology is no longer a privilege for organizations; it is a requirement. While in some cases this has led to an increased demand for programmers, application designers, and other technical specialists who can help businesses connect, it has also led to an increase in no-code solutions.

Frankly, people are expensive, and if you want to do something yourself but don’t have time to learn a new programming language, SIMBLA No Code Platform can be a great solution.

SIMBLA is a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop website builder that can help you upgrade an existing website to modern standards or create a beautiful new site from scratch. SIMBLA’s responsive design puts you in control, with templates that can be adapted to any type of business or UX design, all based on state-of-the-art Bootstrap technology. It allows you to store and manage any type of data using an online database, add web forms to collect data from visitors, and use your data as you see fit.

SIMBLA is also useful for building web applications and creating and managing SaaS products. Simply connect your database to your UI and your website can host your web applications and communicate with your database to keep everything up to date. When building SaaS products, you eliminate the need for large teams to manage cloud infrastructure and reduce the development process by up to 80%. The secure architecture supports a multitude of clients and databases, providing support for releases and upgrades when you need it. You can even upgrade your tools with SIMBLA’s App Market.

Find out why SIMBLA No Code Platform earned 4.5 stars from Gartner. Get a five-year subscription today for just $49 (normally $1,320) while supplies last.

Pricing and availability are subject to change.